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SEO Specialist
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Saturday, January 11, 2014

My specialty is to submit your website out into the www which means this is a form of link building and getting you noticed by Consumers to buy your products or services. I manually add you to web directories, local directories and will build a blog(s) to point back to your website if you wish to have a blog built.

It is also good to check if you have already hired an SEO company to get you out there to check and see if they are doing their job. There are many that use black hat tools to disperse you to many links at one time, many are broken links or sites that do not exist anymore so you need to be careful as Google can penalize your website which in turn will send you to the bottom per say. 

You will be provided with all directories and information you have been added  to so you can maintain the areas added at a later date if you wish. Most times after about a year you may need to re-add your website to some of the directories as time goes by. Looking in TOS is usually where they let you know how long you will be included and some can be forever! Many will want to charge a fee to keep you there forever which can be a good idea so you do not have to manually add yourself back, but make sure they are high ranking directories which I will put you in to begin with.  Of course, I will do this again for you if you choose to hire me long term everything will be maintained! 

When I add you to directories and other areas (social media right away) it can take from one day up to six months so it takes time and patience.  Although the month it takes me to add you to these directories you will see an improvement on moving you up to the main page of Google. 

I am also happy to critique your website to make sure you have the correct keywords added to attract Consumers to your website and make suggestions that may help you out as well! 

A List of Services I Provide:
  • Articles
  • Backlinks
  • Blog Builder - One page site to several pages depending on your needs
  • Local Directories
  • Nofollow and Dofollow Linking
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Social Blogging - Related to your website
  • Website Directories Submission - 100's of them manually
Absolutely No Black Hat Tools will be used!  Those tools will penalize your website!

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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